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The Pink (R)Evolution!!

Good morning, Ladies (..and hello to you boys, too)!

Valentine’s is here… woo hoo!

..And hasn’t it arrived with bits of usual adornment – Hearts, cards, stuffed toys & lathis (with the last one enjoying the majority..)

But wait, there’s more! In this, the age of the new & exciting, hold a hand and get a marriage license free! Exchange a rose for a speed-weight-loss program – with 50+ personal trainers focused on you for motivation (albeit with stones and swears and threats of beatings as the added incentive for running as fast as you can)!

I am, of-course , talking about a select few of our intrepid political leaders (..you know who you guys are .. ) and their band of not-so-merry men… who have so ‘selflessly’ given up all their other important political duties to teach us these meaningful lessons of life and culture; right and wrong ( like ..girls can’t meet friends and guys can beat up girls.. who knew! ). ..but really, please don’t do us this kindness.. we’re not worthy… 😛

However, we aren’t ungrateful. No, far from it. We offer the (proverbial) shirt off our backs… and you should, too!

So head on over to the CONSORTIUM OF PUBGOING, LOOSE AND FORWARD WOMEN and join the pink chaddi campaign!!



Hurry, we need to give these fine gentlemen a Valentine’s to remember!